New York, day one


(I wont spend much time online here, just consider this a short note-taking diary – I might fill it in properly later if I feel compelled to. Or not.)

Airport: Guy tells me that the US is a whole different country after 9/11. Another guy gives me a schnaps. Eat the worst hamburger in the world.

Airplane: Plan world domination. Get cold feet (literally, the floor is freezing). Everybody else is watching Batman.

New York itself: I live on Duke Ellington boulevard. How cool is that? And why doesn’t Reykjavik have street names like that? Haukur Morthens boulevard has a nice ring to it …

People I meet:

The quirky girl at the desk,

The German psychology major-to-be,

The Austrian nurse who loved Momo and Herman Hesse,

Dane, the Minnesota dude who is the local god of cards,

A British night-guard who’s writing stuff for medical publications and opposes the EU.

And Liliana, the Brazilian master of cards.

And then I listened to a a guy with a funny hat play Springsteen. Good times.

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