This blog was created in order to capture youtube stuff and then copy it from there to my icelandic blog (which youtube doesn’t support, long technical and boring story). But then I thought, isn’t it time to start an english blog? Havent really decided so for now I aint gonna tell a soul, none of all my foreign friends or anything, just send it out into the world and see what happens.

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  1. Hi, I found you because I GoogleAlert the word Gambrinus, the name of our biggest advertising client, and the number one Czech beer. Your Tunak posting was wonderful. but why do you use the titel Sir Gambrinus? G

  2. Hi there. Sort of long story …

    I had often used the icelandic word Gambrinn (which is icelandic for homemade brew) for an alias if I needed it, then when I started my icelandic blog I used that as the title. And since I studied in Praha for a year and liked Gambrinus a lot so I made a very similar logo for my blog (see here: http://www.kommunan.is/asgeir/), only replacing -is with an extra -n. And then when I started this english language blog Gambrinn sounded a bit too icelandic so when I found this layout with a lilly up there it reminded me instantly of knights and thus sir Gambrinus was born.

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