Little Red Riding Hood

Tonight we vowed to write a screenplay, do a documentary and shoot a music video. Add all the other great ideas into the mix and we’re on the brink of world fame. Unfortunately, there are first bills to pay, overdraft to exorcise, studies to finish and a new job to be found. I’m stuck in step three from now, I’m waiting for the now to finish, yet I need more time. Most of all though, I just wanna go. My friend’s going to Moldova, bastard. Painting the lovely town of Chisinau red – or Simferapol if he acts on my dare. But hey, update, who the hell is writing this rant?

Name: Asgeir H Ingolfsson (I skip all the strange icelandic symbols that foreign computers have a hard time with).

Thirty since august, studying Journalism (“just” the thesis left and the MA will be in the bag) although I took my BA in Literature which I still feel is more my thing. Also finishing the teaching credentials while working in a bookstore and currently having a mountain of debt that should be gone in a year after I start working (fingers crossed). Doing what I don’t really now, there is a plan A – journalism of some sort – and then there is plan B and C, not really certain which is B. That is, night shifts or something else that could work well with freelancing or finding a school searching for a teacher. But if somebody will just pay up my debts I do have all those interesting projects waiting on the back-burner that I’m dying to do – and are of course all top secret. All sorts of stuff though, articles, screenplays, novels etc. The first person that says: “go for it” disregarding the financial bit in the hope that it’ll pay off soon enough, I’ll send Pollyanna to live with him or her. She’s really taking up too much space over here.

Little Red doesn’t really have anything to do with this post, I just happened to be thinking about her. Pretty bird, ride. And way more interesting then P.

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